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Article from Chicagoland Gardening January 23, 2016
By Melinda Myers

A New Twist on Terrariums

They’re back, just in time for holiday decorating and gift giving! Terrariums, that is. They’ve recently made a big comeback with a new twist and a few new favorite plants.

If you were gardening in the 70s, you probably planted up an old aquarium, apothecary jar or any clear glass container with an opening large enough to squeeze through a plant. Many of us used long handled tools to strategically place plants and decorative items in containers too small to accommodate our hands. The containers were then covered with some kind of glass lid to increase the humidity.

fish bowl
second fish bowl
Fast forward years later and you may find your hands are not as nimble and steady as years ago. And if you are new to terrariums, the old designs may seem a bit tired or cumbersome to assemble. Fortunately, there are many fun options for new and experienced terrarium gardeners, and they aren’t limited to rectangular glass boxes.
Kevin Ylvisaker, freelance designer with his company KLY Floral International, sees that terrariums have “come back big time.” As he travels around the world, he sees this gardening trend showing up not only in gardeners’ homes, but as centerpieces at weddings, necklaces and, of course, as gifts.Susan Wilke, spokesperson for the Wisconsin Floral Marketing Council, says, “The feeling is now organic and wholesome with a touch and feel of retro. Burlap, tastefully worn and nostalgic and found items are certainly the trend.”

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