About Miller Garden Club

Our History

The Miller Garden Club got its start at a meeting held on March 21, 1998, at the then Wildermuth Branch of the Gary Public Library. The meeting was called and organized by John Nickerson. Topics on the agenda included discussion on the purpose of the club, the name for the club, the role of the club with the Lake Street Beautification Committee, sources for plants, a plant swap in May, and a garden walk in June.

Those present at subsequent meetings agreed that the main goals of the club should be to help each other enjoy gardening, to help in the protection and growing of native trees and plants, and to stimulate the beautification of the Miller Community. Eventually, after the adoption of Bylaws, officers were elected, committees formed, and the first events conducted. John Nickerson was elected the first president, and served from 1998 through 2001. Then followed Craig Kloss, 2001-02; Bob MacAllister, 2002-03; Jack Tonk, 2004-2010; Karin Crane, 2010-2015; Corya Channing, 2016-current.

The Aquatorium

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Our Mission

The Miller Garden Club’s mission is to provide gardening education on all levels; to protect native trees, plants and wildlife; and to beautify the Miller Beach community in Gary, Indiana.

“Digging Miller Since 1998”

Our Goals

The club has continued its original goals through its annual Plant Sale in May, Secret Gardens Walk in July, Brats and Bulbs in October; holiday decorating at the Miller South Shore Station; continuous beautification of public planters and gardens in the Miller Beach community of Gary, Indiana; placement of three attractive “Welcome to the Miller Beach Community” signs, informational speakers at our general meetings, and outings to garden spots and other places of interest to gardeners

By laws

By Laws pdf

Our Leadership

Elizabeth Wallish

Chicago native, Miller resident since 2013

Beach bum

Beginner Gardner

Drawn to things natural, artsy, authentic

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

M.S. Maryland University of Integrative Health, Laurel

Vice President
Karin Crane

BS University of Michigan Business School

CFO at The Second City for 12 years

Environmental Science & Policy, Northwestern U

Bought in Miller 2003

Joined the Garden Club shortly thereafter when neighbor, Bernie Bonk, invited me to a meeting. Volunteer ever since

Dawn Vanzo

Retired Library Media Specialist

2017 Miller All Star

Co-Chair Community Gardens

2014 Lake County Master Gardener

Lake Street garden work-member since 2007

Mary Geroch

Spent summers in Miller since 2004.

Lives in Riverside, IL.

Grew up in Boston MA

Retired Employee Benefits Manager, Oil-Dri Corporation of Amer

MBA University of Chicago, CPA Illinois

Board of Directors

Judy Ayers
Carol Smith
Cleo Brown
Joanne Stratton
Marie Englehart
Bruce Harlow

To reach any board member, please send an email to the address below.   If you want to contact a specific board member, please put their name in your subject line.